Making Inroads In To Fashion Marketing

Fashion is a huge business today. It was existing from a long way ago but has seen a huge uprising within the past two three decades. According to McKinsey Global Fashion Index, the fashion industry is now worth a roughly estimated amount of 2.4 trillion dollars.

What is fashion marketing?

 To understand what fashion marketing is, we must first see what marketing is. Marketing is advancing a brand name or a product in the customers’ mind to increase its sales for better profits. Therefore fashion marketing will be doing the same for clothing lines. There are many brands and types of clothes when it comes to fashion. Some are functional and must be worn, such as overalls. But the fashion industry thrives on what are used to “make a statement”. Hence marketing done to make someone buy a branded dress in a well-known expensive shopping mall as opposed to purchasing best street wear online, must be distinctly differentiated.

 How to go about it

 In this sense fashion marketing is not much different from general marketing. First you need to identify the market segment according to what you are selling. Also the occasion you are selling them for. For example, if you are in the market of suits and ties, marketing them to college freshman will not heed any results. As opposed to that, positioning a campaign for the final year students to see, can make some sales as they will now be starting to work and at most companies still the dress code is “official”. Similar to any product marketing, fashion also can use any avenue to market it to the customers. It could be electronic media such as television and radio, digital media such as social media and web advertising or the old fashioned way of press. You can try outdoor with billboards, personal selling with POS or Point of Sales and gift cards etc. A surefire tactic would be to have a loyalty programme where the more one buys the more discounts he will get.


 It is common to see many public figures being used in fashion advertising. Especially sportsmen act as brands spokespeople for sports brands, clothing and shoes mainly and actors and actresses represent many clothing and accessorieslines.Certain cultures are attached in this exercise too; urban and youthful clothing can be seen associated with skateboards in Auckland. Serious corporate culture is seen made links to smart-wear gear now, as opposed to expensive accessories earlier. Digitalization is playing a big role in fashion marketing not only in e-marketing and ecommerce but also setting trends and attracting a crowd around it.

 If you like to innovate and invent, fashion marketing is a perfect platform. The more creative you are, more clothes you will sell!