Essentials For Your Next Summer Getaway

It does not matter where you’re headed, packing all your essentials will always be as half as fun. Whether it is a ten-day vacation to sunny Barcelona or a weekend getaway to a beach out of town, a similar level of effort goes into planning for the escape. Read on to find out more about some essential pieces that you need to take along to any sunny retreat.

Get your Protection

Whether you are off to the city for the weekend, on a tropical vacation in the Caribbean or out on a desert in Dubai, packing your sunscreen is an absolute must. It is one thing to enjoy the natural sunlight, but precautions have to be taken to protect your skin and stay healthy while you are basking in it. Must have Outfits

Packing in few wardrobe essentials that are in trend is also a must. Most sunny vacations call for casual summer dresses that never go out of style. Light and bright colours with comfy materials like cotton and linen are always the way to go.

The Beach Bag Mantra

Carrying a straw or cane tote bag that is lightweight, compact and functional has now become a fashion fad. Not only is it for the looks, but also because it is extremely essential that you have one large bag to take with you to the beach. It’s got to be spacious enough to stuff in your beach towel, change of clothes, lotion, and sunscreen and of course a reading book.

Travel-Friendly Shoes

One of the most comfy footwear that must be packed for any summer getaway is a pair of flat, wide feet sandals. Shades of earthy browns and nudes will do the trick, as it will save you from having to carrying several shoes on your holiday. Not only do they pair up so well with almost any summer dress, they add a playful and relaxing look to playsuits Melbourne as well.

Stylish Sunglasses

Your skin is not the only thing that needs protection. A trendy, stylish pair of sunnies that go with all outfits is a must-have on any vacation. This should not merely become a fashion statement, but be used for the purpose of safeguarding your eyes from direct sunlight and excessive dusty conditions. 

A Good Summer Holiday Read

Immersing yourself in a light-hearted and engrossing story can help you enjoy your holiday even more. There is no better way of relaxing than reading a good book by the pool or at the beach while you sunbathe. So don’t forget to pack a decent book before you hit the road.